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What is jQuery?
Posted By : Manish Banga at 25 February 2015
Updated On : 25 February 2015
jQuery is not a language but it is a well written code. jQuery is a set of JavaScript libraries that have been designed specifically to simplify HTML document traversing, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions

jQuery Coding Standards & Best Practices
Posted By : Manish Banga at 25 May 2015
Updated On : 25 May 2015
In jQuery, same thing can be done in several ways but the main difference between different approaches is performance. So as a developer, we need to use best approach that improves performance. In this article, I have mentioned some best practices and coding standards that can be used to improve performance.

jQuery Interview Questions and Answers
Posted By : Manish Banga at 27 June 2015
Updated On : 27 June 2015
In this article, I have explained 100+ jQuery interview questions and answers with examples. I have tried to explain every possible jQuery interview question here that will help you to build your technical skill set and can help you in your interview.

Commonly Used jQuery Client Side Validations
Posted By : Manish Banga at 05 July 2015
Updated On : 05 July 2015
There are some commonly used client side validations by developers like allow numeric only, allow characters only, disable right click etc. I have created a single javascript file having functions to apply all these validations. You just need to refer this javascript file in you webpage or master page and use functions to apply validation.

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