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SQL best practices for query optimization and increasing performance
Posted By : Manish Banga at 25 February 2015
Updated On : 25 February 2015
Sql performance is the main concern to develop a successful and optimized application. Database performance can be increased by following some tips while designing query.

What is difference between Stored Procedure and Function?
Posted By : Manish Banga at 01 March 2015
Updated On : 01 March 2015
Function is compiled and executed every time whenever it is called but Stored Procedures are pre-compile objects which are compiled for first time and its compiled format is saved which executes (compiled code) whenever it is called.

Difference between Temp Table, Table Variable and CTE
Posted By : Manish Banga at 10 March 2015
Updated On : 10 March 2015
To store some data temporarily, you can use either temporary table or table variable or CTE. But what is the suitable option for our scenario. In this article, I will explain the difference between each of them.

How to Create Command (Query) Shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio?
Posted By : Manish Banga at 02 April 2015
Updated On : 02 April 2015
Some predefined shortcuts are provided by SQL Server Management Studio like Ctrl + 1 for sp_who etc. But you can also create your shortcuts for your frequently used queries in SSMS.

How to Set Default Database in Sql Server Management Studio?
Posted By : Manish Banga at 24 April 2015
Updated On : 24 April 2015
Whenever you connect to any database server in SSMS, by default Master database is selected as current database. But you work on different database and every time you have to change database either by using USE statement or changing selected db by mouse. It is very irritating task. You can overcome it by setting a default database to that db server. In this article I have described how to do this setting.

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