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Generic Custom Html Helper (Razor) for Dropdown List created by List of Objects
Posted By : Manish Banga at 22 April 2015
Updated On : 22 April 2015
Generally in custom Html Helper you have to pass either list of SelectListItem or list of specific class. But if you have data in list of some specific class (Ex. Customer) then you are bound to first convert it to either in list of SelectListItem or list of a standard class asked as an argument in custom Html Helper. This article explains how to create custom Html Helper for DropdownList without having this boundation. You can pass any type of class to this helper and it will create Dropdown list.

Commonly Used jQuery Client Side Validations
Posted By : Manish Banga at 05 July 2015
Updated On : 05 July 2015
There are some commonly used client side validations by developers like allow numeric only, allow characters only, disable right click etc. I have created a single javascript file having functions to apply all these validations. You just need to refer this javascript file in you webpage or master page and use functions to apply validation.

C++ Program to install & uninstall EXE silently
Posted By : Manish Banga at 21 January 2019
Updated On : 21 January 2019
In this article I have explained how we can create a program to install & uninstall EXE/MSI file silently in C++ without any requirement of UI integration by user/client. A package/tool can be created which can be used by admin/IT team of MNCs to install/uninstall bundle of applications (EXE/MSI) silently on their employee’s machines.

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